About Us

Leaders’ L.E.A.D developed a leadership model that relies on the leadership development concept of Gaya Consulting.

For over twenty years Gaya Consulting has been accompanying and mentoring global organizations, resulting in long term partnerships.

Gaya Consulting’s concept of leadership development has brought it to the forefront of this field, and has turned it into a leading consulting company for mentoring leaders and managers, developing their self-awareness, resilience and leadership skills.

Gaya specializes in helping global organizations to connect and implement multi-cultural collaborations, using the company’s rich knowledge of the typical unique strengths of the different cultures.





Our Team

Danny Neumann

CEO and one of the Founders of Leaders’ L.E.A.D. Danny has an MA degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology from Bar Ilan University, and is a graduate of Strategy Studies from the Tel Aviv University. He served in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office for thirty years, among other positions, as Head of the organization’s School of Management. Danny is a senior consultant for resilience development in organizations and in leading change. He specializes in developing teams, as well as in facilitating and developing individual and organizational skills to deal with uncertainty, and a “world in disruption”. He lectures in Israel and in Europe on leadership and resilience.

Amnon Katz

Amnon Katz is a founder of Leaders’ L.E.A.D. He has an MA degree in Clinical Psycholgy from Bar Ilan University, and is a certified clinical psychologist. Amnon, one of the founders of Gaya Consulting, and its CEO, has over thirty years of experience in developing leadership skills of senior managers in technology companies in Israel, the Far East and in Europe. He specializes in training and mentoring organizational consultants, and advises senior management in Israel and around the world.

Michal Israeli

One of the founders of Leaders’ L.E.A.D, Michal has over 15 years of experience advising Israeli and global organizations, mainly in the high-tech industry. She has developed innovative leadership development models and has trained consultants and HR teams. Michal holds a BA degree in Communication, and an MA in Social Psychology. She has studied coaching, and participated in several programs on Mindfulness and Leadership, which she incorporates into her work with organizations and managers. She also taught psychology in various academic frameworks.

Dr. Talia Haimovich

Talia has a PhD in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She specializes in the development and application of placement, personality and educational assessment exams. She leads the thought processes and validation of the Leaders’ L.E.A.D model. She lectured at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center for many years, and served as an independent consultant to many institutions in Israel, including the National Authority for Educational Evaluation and Assessment. She currently also heads the Assessment Department of the ITALAM program, a digital blended learning environment for teaching the Hebrew language and Jewish heritage in schools abroad.

Eldar Fayena

A bachelor's student in the research track for outstanding students in Psychology and Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. At Leaders' L.E.A.D, Eldar is responsible for the production operations of the L.E.A.D profiles, Technical support and IT. Eldar is experienced in accompanying and building individual and group processes, with extensive knowledge and experience in the worlds of training, education, and group facilitation.