Non-judgmental approach

Written by: Amnon Katz

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Approach to Conflict
Style of Leading
Style of Thinking

As consultants we are fully committed to managers and organizations with whom we are working; listening, reflecting, advising and providing direction, enabling a wide range of opinions. It is important for us to encourage communication and we strongly endeavor not to make a decisive position. We feel ethically, morally and professionally obligated to express a firm position at our current reality against hatred and extreme violence that slashes all over the country, trying to sabotage decades of moderation, tolerance and friendship between Jewish people and Arabs. We believe leadership is measured in its ability to unite and quell the violence even in difficult times, and stand strong in the face of internal and external threats with a bold and clear position of hope and partnership. At Gaya we will do our best to encourage joint action, allowing a space to voice a range of opinions out of respect, true listening, accepting differences and supporting a partnership of Jews, Muslims and all other ethnic groups within Israeli society.