Written by: Michal Israeli

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A Former CEO once told me that she relocated with her family a few years ago, and it was a hard struggle adapting to living abroad. After several very successful years, she was surprised to find out that when she needed to return back home she found it harder than the first relocation. She now looks back into that memory since she finds the current period of “getting back to routine” very similar to what she previously experienced and it is very challenging on a personal level and as a CEO.

Today, we insist on asking all managers in the organizations to share their Covid-19 experience in all of our sessions.

After we all got to taste a global human experience, we believe that there is a great importance in sharing, it allows: 

  1. Getting close by sharing.
  2. Releasing locked up energy – the effort people make in order to avoid the anxiety and pain burns out their energy instead of releasing it and directing it to other channels.
  3. Normalization – knowing other people faced the same problems they did helps them to feel normal.

The Covid-19 period was characterized by helplessness that damaged the sense of capability, and that is the reason we encourage managers to be proactive and allow the entire organization to move forward.