Leadership Spaces

Written by: Danny Neumann

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Lockdown means a restriction policy for people or communities to stay where they are.

This external reality, which has been forced on our lives, affects our personal internal reality and communal well being. Now that the economy is slowly returning to function normally, we are given the option to move freely in the open space once again.

The ability to shift between spaces serves us in many ways. The physical movement from the domestic space to the workplace allows us to reconnect, it freshens us up and helps us to momentarily ease off the uncomfortable routine that was forced on us due to COVID-19.

We also shift between leadership thinking patterns. For example, in managerial thinking space, do we act from a place of didactic, systematic, organized and in-depth thinking? Or do we act out of a broad and abstract perception of creativity and imagination?

Taking leadership thoughts in consideration, do we act authoritatively, decisively out of our devotion to the goals? Or do we act out of our relations, empathy and longing for cooperation? How flexible are we, and can we manage a balanced shift between leadership spaces?

Gaya invites executives to observe and experience their personal leadership spaces through the concept of leadership l.e.a.d